Features That Help Your Site Be Consistent

GeoScreenshot is a convenient tool to preview how your webpage looks in multiple locations around the world.
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Use Cases

  • Geographic Consistency
  • CDN Cache Testing

    Check if your CDN purges and changes to content have been replicated on all edges.

  • Restrictions

    Check if your site or its components have been blocked in some countries through web filters.

  • Localization Testing
  • Multi-Lingual Testing

    If your website is multi-lingual, verify that it honors HTTP accept headers and respects.

    Eg. Microsoft, Google News

  • Locale Testing

    Check if your website displays proper currency, date/time formats.

    Eg. Hotels.com, Amazon


Worldwide Locations

Our workers are deployed in 540+ data centers worldwide.

Instant Results

Our cluster of servers produces screenshots instantly without using a queue.

WebKit Engine

We use the latest WebKit rendering engine with WebFonts/CSS3 Support.

Multiple Devices

Multiple resolution options and user-agents to emulate different devices.

Locale Testing

HTTP Accept Language Headers, International Font Support

API Access

API Access for batch screenshot processing jobs